sign11.jpgEster Smith believes ‘credentialed school library media professionals promote, inspire and guide students toward a love of reading, a quest for knowledge, and a thirst for lifelong learning.’ 5.

Ross Todd views the real role of the Teacher Librarian as ‘one of instructional intervention that moves students beyond information seeking and helps them to transform found information into personal knowledge.” 6.

‘As the information and communication landscapes continue to shift, do you know where you are going? Do you plan for change?’ 7.

20th Century Teacher Librarian
  • Keeper of knowledge
  • Information literacy teacher
  • Isolated skills lessons
  • Technical support officer
  • Resource worker -event manager
21st Century Teacher Librarian
  • Facilitator of learning
  • Information specialist
  • Collaborator
  • Media advisor
  • Resource manager - physical, virtual and human
resources - vision