A library may look like a single building, but please don't be misled by the walls. It's a single link in an enormous chain. It's a single being in a gigantic ecosystem of words and thoughts and ideas.’ 11.


The library as a facility needs to be considered in terms of the physical space and the resources. The space itself, the design and the furnishings, will impact not only on the functionality and flexibility of the venue but also on the appeal to clientele. From signage to seating, all aspects of the centre need acess.jpgto take into account both purpose and aesthetics. The resources within the library must also be given due consideration. To ensure resources are relevant, accessible and multi-modal, collection development policies need to reflect this.stimul.jpg

The links below will provide information to assist with decision making about these issues.

contempo.jpg‘We could benefit immensely from applying tried-and-true retail practices, especially since we have so much in common…’

Retail interior layout for libraries

‘Gone are the days of independent study with a stack of books and a librarian who glares if you flexibi.jpg
sneeze and hushes if you read out loud to yourself.’ The transformation of the library

multi.jpg‘The importance of clear patterns of circulation, of architectural and spatial legibility, and of coherent and attractive signage cannot be over-estimated.’
21st century Libraries changing forms, changing futures

In today’s interconnected, technology driven world, learning typically takes place in physical, virtual and remote places. It is an integrated, highly technical environment in which learners learn.’ 21st Century learning spaces

‘A learning space should be able to motivate learners and promote learning as an activity, support collaborative as well as formal practice, provide a personalised and inclusive environment, and be flexible in the face of changing needs.’ 13.

‘The library media centre collection should not be an interactive museum of equipment, media, and information from past generations.’ Crying over spilled milk

‘Great 21st century libraries are more than books and computers.’ social.jpg
Today’s libraries from the inside out

‘Just because it doesn’t fit in a display case doesn’t mean you can’t make it visible.’ Managing the Intangible: Digital Resources in School Libraries

‘Weeding is a professional responsibility. It is what librarians in all types of libraries do.’ Crying over spilled milk

‘For inspiring library designs…. ‘
Demco Interiors
‘A collection development plan that limits the library’s holdings only to subjects directly included in the curriculum will deny youngsters the opportunities to reach their full educational potential.’ Leading forward by looking backward
‘ What would make teens use the library more?’ Teen third space
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