advocate.jpglibrarianquote.gifWe have no textbook for this. We have no pedagogical guides. And we
need to work a bit harder to share effective practice at this point. We are just beginning to develop models to point to when folks ask us what a school librarian looks like today, what a 2.0 school library program looks like today.’

It essential for Principals, school leaders and Teacher Librarians to understand the role of the 21st century Teacher Librarian, capacity.jpgto shape that role within the school context and promote the importance of that role to
education in the 21st century.


The following links will help develop a deeper understanding of the contributions Teacher Librarians/Media Specialists can make and to assist with the shaping of this role.

‘Principals are paramount in setting the tone and expectations for teaching and learning and as such are also media.jpgparamount in
developing and supporting the role of the Teacher Librarian / Media Specialist.’ Principal Support of Teacher Librarians

negoti.jpgA teacher librarian has the expertise to build the
capacity of students as effective information users through class-based, group and individual instruction.’
School Libraries building capacity for student learning in 21C

‘Halting the drift to mediocrity requires that Teacher Librarians stop and look at reality objectively, that they clarify what really matters to them and focus their energies on achieving those things.’
Teacher-Librarianship and Change: Why Institutionalization has Failed

‘There is one role in education that has been forced to keep up with changes brought about by the information age, computers and the changes in society ~ the Teacher Librarian.’info.jpg
The changing role of the Teacher Librarian in the 21st Century

What does an excellent Teacher Librarian look like?
Australian School Library Association

You know you’re a 21st century librarian if….