Rolf Erikson’s hope for the future: thumbsup4.jpg

More and more school administrators will
recognize the growing body of research that
demonstrates the positive effect of school libraries
and school librarians on student reading abilities and
academic achievement;

Architects and school facility planners will
recognize that their end product will benefit
from working with experienced school
librarians who have expertise in school library
facility design, and they will bring someone
with that unique expertise and perspective to
the design process;

Recognizing that there are no good reasons to
design school libraries that are based on an outdated
model, that are too much like school libraries from the 1960s, everyone involved in the planning of new school libraries will work together to achieve innovative design;

School libraries as a “place” will continue to be
important, but library staff will expand programs beyond
the library walls and create virtual libraries capable of
reaching and serving students wherever they are, both at
and away from school.